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Onyra is a professional singer and songwriter from Venice Italy. For a long time she has been providing different artists with emotional and epic vocals with her lush voice. After many years of experience, she now works with top producers and artists improving songs with lead and background vocals, and lyrics writing.

She works from a high-quality studio facility, making music for herself and others all the time! She absolutely loves an epic and emotional sound but she likes to be versatile creating vocals for many different genres, from EDM, melodic dubstep and house to pop and chill tracks.

She started collaborating with independent artists more than 5 years ago and her voice now appears on releases under big labels such as Revealed, Magic Records and Future House Cloud.

Her ethereal and emotional voice goes perfectly with the lyrics she writes, which are often based on her and other people’s history, and reflect her passion and love for music. Her main goal has always been to bring the artists’ vision come to life, and now she is working on her own!

In 2022 Onyra has started building her own brand experimenting with new kinds of music and collaborations. Big announcements are about to come!

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TEMPI DI CONSEGNA (giorni lavorativi):

  • 1 Chorus/Hook: 5 days
  • 1 Verse + 1 Chorus: 5 days
  • 2 Verses + 1 Chorus: 5 days
  • 2 Verses + 1 Chorus + Ad-libs & Harmonies: 5 to 10 days
  • 1 Cover Song: 5 to 10 days


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